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Quinta Faisán from $ 4,990,000 MXN *

Quinta Faisán offers you a functional space with three bedrooms each with a bathroom and a main bedroom with a bahtroom and a private closet, a living room, kitchen, covered garage, terrace, laundry room and service area.

It also has an extensive backyard which can be reached through the big terrace in which you can spend pleasant evenings or enjoy the yucatan breeze.

When it's hot or you're having a family reunion you can enjoy the ample palapa and pool (optional).

Quinta Faisán construction area starts from 2,400.35 sq ft.

* Prices can vary based on the land area.

Mérida, Yucatán, México

Tel: 01 (999) 944 02 83
Cel: 044 (999) 368 09 74

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