• Potable water Potable water
  • Public and ambient lighting Public and ambient lighting
  • Underground electrification Underground electrification
  • Sidewalks with green areas Sidewalks with green areas
  • Bicycle path Bicycle path
  • More than 2000 planted and transplanted trees More than 2000 planted and transplanted trees
  • Theme parks Theme parks
  • Clusters Clusters
  • CCTV Security CCTV Security
  • Services from the comunity Services from the comunity
  • Pet-friendly Pet-friendly
  • Commercial areas (coming soon) Commercial areas (coming soon)
  • Interactive fountains Interactive fountains
  • Architectural elements Architectural elements
  • Chapel of the Earth
Chapel of the Earth
  • Ikal, Observatory Ikal, Observatory
  • Regional Food Restaurant Regional Food Restaurant

Chapel of the Earth

This architectural work emerges as the most innovative expression of creativity of Baspul Tierra de Emociones, a residential complex located north of the City of Mérida that is characterized by its wide spaces, quality of life and high integration with nature.

It is a holistic tribute to the residents and workers of the Baspul community, as a meeting point and mysticism, for the encounter with oneself and with the community.

The architecture was inspired by the Star of David from the Old Testament, made up of the 4 natural elements that give rise to life and constitute the essence of our being: air, water, fire and earth.

The Chapel was built using materials and labor from the region, mainly hand-carved stone, rescuing construction techniques and elements that commemorate local Yucatecan architecture.

Ikal, Observatory

Ikal is a unique and reflective space, within Baspul Tierra de Emociones, created for the search of our spirit through contemplation of the universe, a space for reflection and encounter with oneself, where the stars come together to enjoy the sunsets Yucatecans and the magic of the stellar mantle.

The celestial vault is part of the architecture at Ikal, an amenity that seeks to convey sensations and emotions, to encapsulate time and find ourselves.

The word Ikal in Mayan means spirit.

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