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Baspul, is a community planned and designed with a purpose, where urbanization, nature and architecture get together to create a unique and ideal environment to enjoy family life in large spaces.

To live well is to live in harmony with nature and our environment, is to value our quality of life and our natural resources, is to recover sensations and emotions that make us smile and enjoy life.

In Baspul, we have created scenarios to live unique and unrepeatable moments, creating a more harmonious and evolved lifestyle.

Due to its strategic location at the North of Mérida, Baspul merges the advantages offered by the closeness to the Yucatan capital, Mérida, and the comfort of living in a planned community, designed with every detail to enhance the benefits of the privacy, tranquility, security and comfort offered by our developments with broad spaces, where we raise the quality of life of our families and residents.

All the developments of the Baspul community are characterized by having an intelligent design, where we rescue the elements of local architecture.

Visit us! We are sure that through our different, innovative and exclusive developments you will find the best option to meet your expectations and needs.

What would you do with so much space?

Casas en Mérida Baspul
Quintas Baspul, Km 10, Carretera Mérida-Chicxulub Mérida, Yucatán México 97340 21.134718 -89.527657 10
Teléfono: +52 1 (999) 242 90 69 URL de Mapa