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Be part of the first Intelligent Community of Mérida!

Baspul, Tierra de Emociones is characterized by being a community where all its residents share a love for nature, the harmony and beauty of the environment, as well as the security and tranquility that surrounds them.

We know how important it is to keep a daily balance, which is why we have created the “Enlace Baspul” app, a communication space that will improve your experience and quality of life within the community.

Enlace Baspul will help you keep in touch with the residents of the community quickly and instantly, notify everyone about any relevant issue and communicate activities that you want to share with your neighbors.

What can you find in Enlace Baspul?

You decide and control the notifications you want to receive!

A good neighborhood is essential to raise the quality and standard of living, so we invite you to stay in constant communication with the Baspul community

Be part of the first Intelligent Community of Mérida and download our App!

Casas en Mérida Baspul
Quintas Baspul, Km 10, Carretera Mérida-Chicxulub Mérida, Yucatán México 97340 21.134718 -89.527657 10
Teléfono: +52 1 (999) 242 90 69 URL de Mapa